Boston Edison Towing

Boston Edison Towing 313-486-5164 provides emergency towing, 24 hour towing, towing 48206 and general towing services in the Boston Edison area of Detroit. All towing services in Boston Edison are performed inexpensively, professionally and expeditiously.

Besides towing 48206 other nearby areas are serviced: towing 48202, towing 48204, towing 48238, Fisher Theatre towing, towing Boston Boulevard, towing Chicago Boulevard, and towing John Lodge.

The next time you are in need of towing services in the Boston Edison neighborhood of Detroit, just call 313-486-5164.

We are proud to one the towing services for the  Boston-Edison Historic District of Detroit. Boston-Edison is the heart of Detroit, containing over 900 homes. Most of these homes were constructed between 1905 and 1925 and range in size from modest two-story vernaculars to impressive mansions. Some of the first residents of Boston-Edison included Henry Ford, James Couzens, Horace Rackham, Sebastian Kresge, and Joe Louis.

Today Boston-Edison area is one of the oldest continuous neighborhood association in the City, founded in 1921.

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