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Springwells Village Auto Tow Service

We offer Towing, Road Service, Flatbed Towing, Jump Starts, Auto and Truck towing, Extractions, and Long Distance Towing for the Springwells Area.

Springwells Village is a name used to refer to a neighborhood in southwest Detroit, Michigan, near the Ford Motor Company River Rouge Plant.The name cites the original village founded in 1783 and absorbed by Detroit in 1885. Father Gabriel Richards established the Springwells School in 1820. Another Springwells began in Springwells Township before also being absorbed in 1925. Named for the abundance of springs and wells, the moniker also has roots in non-profit community redevelopment initiatives from around the turn of the century. These initiatives are active to date and range in priority from housing development to resident services to specific site-based redevelopment and community rebranding strategies that generally share the desire to improve the community's image and reputation as well as its presentation in media. At times the neighborhood is also called the Springwells neighborhood in regard to city planning,and most commonly community residents refer to the area as southwest Detroit specifically denoted by nearby intersections of roads (ie. Vernor-Springwells in southwest Detroit).  

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